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R.I.P. Gord Downie ( The Tragically Hip )

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  • R.I.P. Gord Downie ( The Tragically Hip )

    As a Canadian, I would be remiss to not post the passing of an important Canadian icon.... Gord Downie, the lead singer, lyricist, and guitar player for one of the most lasting and successful Canadian bands of all time - The Tragically Hip.

    Gord died of inoperable brain cancer on Tuesday night, October 17th at the age of 53. The Tragically Hip are a real throw-back story.... a bunch of high school friends that formed a 5 member band that only ever changed one member, stayed together and remained friends to the end.
    They released their first recording in 1984 and continued right to the current day - the band's last album came last year and there is a recorded work ready for release of more of Downie's work, sadly posthumously. Over thirty years and 14 albums, no one-hit-wonders here. The two preeminent bands Canada has produced are Rush and The Tragically Hip, there is little argument over this.

    This is particularly sad for me, this band is from my home town of Kingston, Ontario. These guys went to the same high school that I attended, in fact the one guitar player's father was a teacher at that school. My brother had classes in both high school and subsequently Queen's University with 4 out of the 5 members. Even though the medical diagnosis was released last year and everyone knew this day would arrive.... it still kind of knocks you over when it finally does.

    While my opinion doesn't exactly match the Rolling Stone Magazine's '10 Essential Songs' list released in August,2016 (after Gord's medical condition was announced), it is a fair representation of the diverse styles of the band:

    It is not very easy to get on a Canadian postage stamp, until very recently you had to be dead to achieve this (unless you were the f'ing Queen of England), but in 2013 the Canada Post Corporation broke tradition with this issue:


    That's what this band means to Canada.... it's kind of like ice hockey.
    Gord Downie is the guy wearing the hat.

    Thanks for the great music Gord, may you rest in peace.

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    Bigger than Rush?? really?
    I guess I'll be looking into their catalogue post mortem, like Amy Winehouse.
    The things we miss in life...

    RIP Mister Downie
    Livin the dream