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No sympathy please...the dream was enough.

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  • No sympathy please...the dream was enough.

    So, I had this weird dream a couple nights ago. I am riding with my Dad, talking and shooting the breeze. When he stops to let me out, I ask , " So where ya heading now Dad ? " He replies, " I am going to pick your brother Dave, up. " My Dad passed over 5 years ago and I haven't dreamed of him until the other night. My brother Dave hung himself this morning. My mind is blown right now. My brother Dave never really got over my Dad's death...and he started drinking really bad and just got worse. But I would never have thought he would go out like that.
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    My stepfather (who was really my Dad) had cancer 2 years ago and decided to end it before the pain got worse. I feel for ya brother.
    Bonneville might have beat us again this year but that White Bitch is going down in 2018!!!


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      My condolences go out to the both of you.
      I spent most of my money on women, whiskey,and motorcycles. The rest, I just wasted.


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        I never had to personally face death in this manner so closely. Now I know that empty feeling. No one saw it coming. He was financially well off after retiring from Timken Corporation after 25 years. Point is that plant and his job was his center. He would work all the overtime he could, sell his vacations back to Timken. No finality for those he left behind. Sucks. But, hey. Thanks for the love.