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  • Turbo

    Has anyone ever accomplished a turbo on a carbd motor? My friend is trying to turbo his 06 roadsters and looking for advice.

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    I have not done it personally but I know it can be done.
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      Couple of guys have done it; I think they sell a kit for like around 3500 bucks. I can build way more hp with 3500 dollars than buying a turbo bolt on will give me for the same price. Don't waste your money. Believe it or not, the CV carb is as close to fi as you can get, and works ok in turbo apps. You can find a small turbocharger, copy the pipe the other guys built, install a TC 88 and write a map into it that will work with the turbo.
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        All the turbo kits we have seen are for an FI bike. Pluse we've been thinking of pulling a turbo from a Saab 9-3 because it only pushes about 12psi boost under full spool. We should be able to fab something for under 1500.


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          I am thinking if you run 12 pounds of boost, the compression will have to be low, around 8 to 1 or the timing will have to be severely retarded. That's a lot of boost.