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Rubbermount wiseco pistons ?

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  • Rubbermount wiseco pistons ?

    Now smack me if I am wrong. But every set I have seen from them for the rubbermount bikes have the scallop cuts on the sides for the rubbers oil squirters. I saw a set of cylinders and pistons on ebay for sale. Seller said it was a low mileage 883 to 1200 conversion using wiseco pistons. Only thing is the pistons they are showing have the flat bottom side . I mean am I crazy or something....dude said it was a running bike. Yea, a hard little turn will break those oil squirters and it will usually run fine. Is there a piston I don't know about ? Even Jeff at Wiseco said no.

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    if it has flat bottom skirts then that would be for a 2003 and older. Your are right in that it would break the squirters off a newer model.
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      Yea, I figured as much. Dude on ebay has a used (said it came of a running 04 with less than 5000 miles) set of stock cylinders with 883 to 1200 wiseco pistons. I sent him a message telling him those pistons were for 03 back bikes. Got no response from him. Some evil ebay dude trying to pass his mistake to someone else. I know folks that did the same thing, and actually snapped off the oil squirters by rolling it around with a socket and breaker bar. There was a member of the other place that did the same thing. Wonder if he is the one trying to sell the parts ?