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is magnecor still in business?

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  • is magnecor still in business?

    I tried contacting them via email and they do not respond. They have no phone number.

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    I don't know if they are still in business or not, but according to this....

    their phone number is :

    (248) - 471 - 9505

    Somebody is paying for the website to still be up :

    Their website only gives a fax number. It gives two email addresses :

    Orders -
    Information -

    They warn you that they do not answer email on weekends, and that they may take 2-3 days to return emails.
    If your email to them didn't bounce back to you as 'undeliverable', maybe they will still respond.

    They have been making high-performance spark plug wires since the 1970's, it would be a shame if their business has gone under....


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      It's possible I accesently deleted their email reply. They said they did reply.


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        Jason -
        Have you gotten a higher output coil in the mix?
        I haven't followed up but I saw a post on BadWeB about the availability of "coil overs"... no high voltage wire or voltage drop.
        Just the 12v switched and sits on the plug.

        My 1125R and 1190RS have them and they are a much stronger spark than with wires.
        Livin the dream


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          Those coil on plug units looked cool but, they actually add complexity, and, at least one review, they said it only lasted 6. Months... so I'll keep the stock coil. The wires are more for looks.... and possibly durability, I think.


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            They have a feel like there is only one guy, working in a massive warehouse, answering emails, faxes and, assembling wire sets. I can't imagine how long it would take to order custom length wires! I just want a set listed in the Catalog.


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              I think you are right except for them massive warehouse part. I have a feeling it is not a huge operation.
              Bonneville might have beat us again this year but that White Bitch is going down in 2018!!!


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                I give up with them, can't even order a simple set of spark plug wires listed in their catalog. Been checking my junk mail and all.