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someone should invite these folks over to this forum.

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    Like Dan and the other dude said. They seem to tolerate a certain mindset and bert puts money before anything. The site is purely for profit to him.


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      Originally posted by MacSporty02 View Post

      i wouldn't knock the xlforum, there is a wealth of info on that forum with a lot of dedication to helping others. There will never be a replacement of the xlforum.
      I've joined the 'other' forum 3 times over the last dozen or so years. I've never 'hung out' on that forum ( or any other really), I'm in 'read-only' mode and I use it as a technical reference source. Because it has been around so long and did not start out 'performance-based', there is so much accumulated content in so many catagories. For example, is there anything about electrical troubleshooting and diagnosis that the gentleman (and I sincerely mean that) that goes by 'sportsterdoc' does not know? I don't think there is anyone paying him and I don't think he is promoting his own (or blatantly shilling for anybody else's) business - he just knows a lot and enjoys sharing it to help others.

      I have three Sportsters, but the newest is my 2003 anniversary custom. That is a pretty 'dated' bike when the vast majority of posters here are riding rubbermounts. The 'other' forum has lots of info in a 'frame mount evo' section. Or for my 76 ironhead, lots of info in the 'ironhead' section. I have a 'roller' project slowly proceeding with a hardtail frame and springer fork, the 'other' forum has a 'chopper & bobber talk' section with some good tips from others' experiences. My most recent 'use' for the 'other' forum was for my 2002.... I'm installing 3 degree raked cups in it, and a search brought up a recent build by Kevin (of DK Customs, is/was a member here) who just installed them in a 2003 project he has a build thread on.

      I don't mean to disparage this forum, it is still really in its' infancy and it takes time for these things to flesh out. I'm glad I got in on the ground floor with this one and get to watch it develop. I like the predominately friendly tone, and I've learned some stuff here too. And though I never post on the 'other' forum, sometimes I fire away here (and I haven't ever been away so long that I've forgotten my password and had to rejoin either).


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        Well said showngo
        Bonneville might have beat us this year but that White Bitch is going down in 2017!!!


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          True, for a novice, and some very experienced builders it is a good forum. But for some of us, we are well beyond most of the mechanical aspects of the forums. I mean how many times can you explain to someone how to adjust a clutch ? Doc is an electrical engineer, they live that stuff. But, most folks that have some basic electrical knowledge and can read a diagram can track and electrical problem down. True the other forum didn't start out that way, it started out as another totally different forum, and then split. Burt is in it for money, and it has become to money centered. No one that paid lifetime membership ever got banned. And in fact, I don't think any paying member except me got banned. And Dan.