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New "Street Rod" ?

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  • New "Street Rod" ?

    Saw the ad pimpin' it on tv and saw that Vance and Hines is running a new Pro Stock bike called the "Street Rod". Haven't seen what engine the pro stock biys are running, but it sure as hell ain't no 750.

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    Yes the "new" pro stock bike looks like the same big'ol motor the V-Rod Pro Stock had...but with new body work and paint to look more Street Rod-ish.
    I guess Harley is smart enough to promote a bike they sell instead of one they stopped making.

    Which reminds me...
    I have wondered if Harley should have also tied the Sportster more to the racing success of the XR750 for marketing...the XR1000 came closest to try and feed off the race success. Oh I almost forgot the XLH 883 Roadster...our British friends still enjoy new ones.

    I suppose since Sportsters were no longer the fastest bikes on the streets when the alloy XR750 came out in the early '70's, they didn't think calling it a "Sportster XR750" would make sales for Sportsters change much...but still how much does it cost to put a name on a race bike?
    Were they afraid Big Twin riders would loose interest if the XR750 was too product specific?
    I can't really see that...I know I don't care what model races when it's brand vs brand.

    It seems Harley could have gotten more "bang for their buck" back in the glory days when they ruled the dirt track.
    They had a winning bike and no real tie into a product line (except the fore mentioned XR1000 in the mid "80"s or the 883 Roadster in the 2000"s)
    Oh well water under the bridge...but I do think it is smart marketing to call it a "Street Rod"...maybe if they re-do the Sportster they will change it again to the Sportster Pro Stock...there I go dreamin again.


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      Yea, saw the ad pimpin' the new roadster. The brits like the 883 because they tax the fuck outa them on the bikes. Most can't afford the twinkies. And outside the cities most roads look like paved over cow lanes, so the sportster just fits better. The MoCo is slowly cutting out other sportster models, so I wonder how long they will hang on to it. Number 1 selling model in the world so they say, but I sure see lots of Honda 350's hauling 6 or 7 family members around in other parts of the world. Yea, the pro stock bike looks like it is still running the S&S engine; Strange since it is campaigned by Vance&Hines. I bought an xr1000 a couple years ago just to save it, but restoring it has been slow and expensive. It was ragged from front to back lived it's entire life outside. Ain't much for it on ebay. And speaking of the flat trackers...I started another thread about that. That fooking scout runs. I see more and more of them everyday.


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        From what I've read the Vance and Hines Pro Stock bike has an engine they developed. All the twins have certain design requirements, like they have to have push rods and two valves per cylinder. So they all probably look a lot alike.
        I remember a few years ago when VH was so successful the powers that be made them make a new motor to give the other brands a chance to win.
        It seems it didn't take too long to get the bugs worked out and started winning again.

        I agree totally with you about the looks of the Scout...some love it...but put me down under "hideous".
        The Victory Octaine at least had a little bit of flow, was more organic and blended the frame into the body better...still not for me though.

        Here again Indian is smart enough to call their dirt track bike the Scout even though it's not a production bike.
        I think Harley could have tied the XR750 to the Sportster name and it could have given their products some free advertising.😎


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          I sat one a street rod at the dealer. I don't like it at all! Looks like a toy bike. Harley better not replace the sportster with that!


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            The streets are the worst built bikes I have seen in a long time. I have seen many of the Chinese built bikes with better build quality
            Bonneville might have beat us this year but that White Bitch is going down in 2017!!!


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              Yes same 2 valve pushrod motor used in the "vrod" chassis.

              Agreed, the street is the biggest piece of shit to come out of a motorcycle dealer probably in a decade lol.
              Pretty much a honda rebel or yamaha vstar motor really, with harley dressing and badges. I cant believe they even considering using the motor for flat track racing... what a joke.. lol and its proven its junk all year long in the circle. If i were in the market for a cheap crusier, I would buy a yamaha bolt way before even thinking about that POS street. BIggest mistake Harley has made in a long time was building the street IMO, They would of had far better success with a new 4 valve Xl motor with liquid cooling. Hopefully we will see that in the near future..