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  • did you serve?

    I was Active Army enlisted 1985-2005. retired in Sep 2005 while stationed at Ft Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. Medical corps. 2 tours in Korea.
    Bonneville might have beat us again this year but that White Bitch is going down in 2018!!!

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    Hey Dan, Tim here. One of the members from the Patriots Vet team of that little Buell Blast bike build off that Renegade H-D in Louisiana had. We didn't win but we did the most mods to it. Thanks for your help.
    I did 22 years from FEB 1990-FEB 2012. Desert Storm, 2 tours in Iraq and 2 tours in Korea. Commo plus 29E Electronic Warfare.


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      US Army 1976 to 1982 1/67 ADA and spent it all on the west coast between White Sands, Yakima and Mcgregor Range mostly attached to other units.


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        Army...'98-Present...2018 is my 20th....Ordnance Corp (Ammunition).

        Ft Polk, Korea, Hunter Army Airfield, Schofield Barracks, Ft Lewis, Eglin AFB, and currently Ft Carson (4 ID)

        2x Iraq ('04-'05, '07-'09)
        1x Hondurus
        1x SOCCENT AO ('12-'13)
        1x Currently in Kuwait


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          I would like to thank all of you for your service. I didn't serve due to a seizure disorder that is controlled by meds but they wanted me to be seizure free with no meds for 10 years in order to enlist so I couldn't do it. I go out of my way to thank vets on a daily basis when I see them because I truly appreciate the sacrifices that they and their families make for those of us who didn't serve.
          He who dares not offend cannot be honest.


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            My folks and brother did their time in the Army, P&M were in Korea and Japan in the early 50s, brother was in Desert Storm in Turkey on a Patriot rig.
            ‚ÄčI did 6 years in the Navy, from AUG76 to AUG82, got VFW status from Eagle Claw off the coast of Iran in 1980.
            "This is not a drill, Condition 3 - Wartime Cruising..." pinched my ass a bit.

            Learned electronics and how to run a nuclear reactor and a bunch of other good stuff. Best thing I ever did.
            Livin the dream


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              Yep I sure did ! but ,in a different country then most of ya !
              Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence.


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                I tried, Air Force but they wouldn't take me, I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy named Charcot-Marie-Tooth.

                My dad was a flight engineer on a B-24 and later a B-29 in the pacific,

                Dad - Mission 1944.jpg


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                  Thank you for your service