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XL883N (Orig) - Eastern NC

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  • XL883N (Orig) - Eastern NC

    Hi all!

    Currently located in Eastern NC, started with a '13 Iron 883. Upgraded the following:

    NRHS Stage 3 Kit
    - 1250cc
    - Stage 3 Headers
    - Cat 4 cams
    Energy One Performance Clutch
    Rough Crafts Air Cleaner
    Sik Pipes Edge 2-1
    DynoJet PowerVision
    La Rosa Design air spring seat

    Glad to be apart of the discussion!

    Bike Pic -

    - Justin
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    Anxiously awaiting to hear how she runs with that pipe. Glad to see you here at the forum!
    Bonneville might have beat us again this year but that White Bitch is going down in 2018!!!


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      Welcome to the best sportster site in the world.


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        Hey Justin - enjoy the heads I did for you.
        Hurry back from deployment - be safe!

        Livin the dream


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          Zack - Thanks for the great work and the turnaround on the heads, appreciate your help with them.

          Dan - Results are in!! See below. Of note, I will have to get new pipes soon and re-tune, you'll see a significant dip on the dyno results around the 3500-3800 range... I think this is due to the pipes.

          Stocker - Thanks for the welcome! Glad to be here.

          See below for the dyno results.

          Before -


          After -

          Attached Files


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            It would be neat if anyone could explain the science behind the dip though.... Takers???

            --- Also, any thoughts on RB Racing Pro Stock Race Cat 2 - 1 ??
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              Uh what is this dyno stuff and tech questions doing in the introduce yourself forum.....would draw more attention if posted properly. not moderating or anything..just sayin'. I mean not many folks will see it, since most don't look in this section much...


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                Good point, I'll copy this over to a better thread!


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                  This is my first visit today.
                  I think it's a good place.
                  Livin the dream


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                    instead of an edit....

                    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the dip is reversion.
                    I hope not, that's why I really hog out the exhaust which a lot of folks don't even touch.
                    Never heard of Sic pipes... start there.

                    Livin the dream


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                      Wonder how much the uneven primary length has on those pipes? Must be loud!