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  • It's a jungle out there!

    For the first time in Colorado history there were more than 100 motorcycle deaths in 2015.

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    Cell phone users / text messaging.... despite the fact that almost every jurisdiction in North America has something on their lawbooks making it illegal for a 'driver' in a vehicle in motion to be 'distracted' by their telephone, a large percentage of motor vehicle operators still feel these laws apply only to others. I'll bet if you ask most people under 25 years of age what their most important possession is (or the item they just couldn't possibly live without), the predominant answer is going to be their cell phone.

    It also seems that a highly-disproportionate number of these accidents are the four-wheeled vehicle turning left in front of the oncoming motorcyclist.... part of that 'invisible' cloaking device all motorcycles seem to have as standard equipment. Unfortunately, I've been the victim of this one myself.


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      I agree. Too many distracted drivers out there! How are you doing in your neck of the woods? Is the fire under control and have you gone home? Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.


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        Originally posted by SaltySpeedQueen View Post
        How are you doing in your neck of the woods? Is the fire under control and have you gone home? Let us know if there's anything we can do to help.
        I'm still evacuated to Calgary, which is more than 8 hours drive south of Fort McMurray. This fire remains out of control and continues to grow in size. Officials have admitted that they are unable to put it out, only Mother Nature's help will end the fire - some estimate it may burn until August. One of the biggest enemies is the wind, not just for growing the fire, but also for directing the smoke. We use an 'Air Quality Index', a numbered scale that usually goes from 1 to 10 (10 being a 'stay inside' warning for people). Yesterday, the air in the city was rated at 38 !!!
        On the news this afternoon, they are reporting that there were two explosions that took out an additional 10 houses. These were probably caused by leaking natural gas lines, the predominant source of building heat used in Alberta. That's on top of the 2,400 houses previously confirmed destroyed. They are still evacuating more people today, two weeks after I was evacuated - these people have been in company work camps about 30 miles north of the city. We are far from being out of this mess yet.

        On a positive note, my house and garage have not burned down.... at least not yet, and odds are because of where I am located in the city (the downtown core) that they will survive. Smoke damage is a certainty however. Only time will tell, we will see how my insurance company reacts to my situation once we can assess what will need to be done. I'll manage okay myself, while this may end up being a bit of a financial hit it will be minor compared to the situations of many others I have seen and others I know who have lost their homes.
        Thanks for your help offer, like I said I'm okay for now.... we'll see what my 3 Sportsters might need when they decide it is safe to go back.


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          It is good to know that you are safe. Material things can be replaced but not life and health. I am sorry to hear it's still on going and I feel for all the people affected. We've had our fair share of wildfires here in Colorado fortunately nothing close to our home and business. Hopefully, mother nature will give some reprieve in the near future. Keep safe.