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Insane road rage video

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  • Insane road rage video

    This is a video clip link from a major Canadian television news network :

    I haven't seen any accompanying story, and I'm not certain of the location although it certainly looks like the Coquilhalla Highway (No. 5) in British Columbia. If it were the United States, I'm sure there would have been firearms involved....

    In most 'car vs. bike' confrontations, the bike loses and the 'cage' wins. Not this time. Too bad this dash cam video doesn't show what 'started' this altercation. Good reaction by the rider to save his bike and skin. Innocent driver in the white Avalanche never knew what hit him.

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    Saw this somewhere else; Maybe TV, but the car cut the bike off first in another video. Oh yea in the states if they were carrying; It would have become a shoot out. Lot of that going on everywhere lately it seems. Hell we have gas station shootouts somewhere in the state every day. Thing is, it endangers innocents that are just trying to get through the day.


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      Seen it on Facebook I think