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Buell XB9 10.5/1 Pistons & Stage 2 Light Headwork

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  • Buell XB9 10.5/1 Pistons & Stage 2 Light Headwork

    So the engine work is finally done and the bike has a safe tune, meaning it still has a little to get out of it once I put some miles on it.

    The bike - 2006 Buell XB9S(not so much X), pared down to 385 lbs ( w/passenger pegs removed) per the scale at work. Engine work and upgrades, semi-open airbox, K/N filter, Drummer SS exhaust, NRHS 10.5/1 piston 1 size over, Stage 2 Light Headwork and initial tune. ASB carbon air scoops, carbon oil cooler shield, carbon belt guard, custom carbon tail from Germany, Rizoma bars, risers, mirrors with all ti hardware, LSI steering damper and custom saddle.

    Purpose of the build was to freshen up a motor with 23K on the clock and build a air cooled motored Ducati and Thuxton killer. I also wanted to keep the mild manner nature of the 7500 Rpm reving engine.

    The stock XB9 engine made about 72 RWHP, on the dyno chart below is the bike with the airbox and Drummer installed and then after the NRHS goodies were added. Very nice numbers and should make this little bike really scoot. So a 13HP increase and about 10lbs torque increase. Nice part is there are good gains from 3500 RPM and up were the bike is usually cruising at.

    As expect Dan, Lucile and the crew were great to work with in picking the build parts and level desired.
    DSC00981 (1).jpgCURRENT VS ORIGINAL.jpg

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    Beautiful bike!
    Bonneville might have beat us this year but that White Bitch is going down in 2017!!!


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      Thank you. 10 years of slow and careful changes.


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        so what is it about the XB that makes it revert so badly in the mid range without the stock pipe? Is it the header design with the cams overlap?


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          I think it's either the tune or the fact that this is an XB9. We dyno tested a stainless Drummer on my my built Ulysses motor, and has no such torque dip. But the Drummer is the only aftermarket pipe I've seen without the dip.


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            When riding briskly I am typically never much below 4000 RPM so not much of a factor. In a drag race you feel the dip but for the slightest bit of time. With that said didn't buy this bike for light to light activity. It will get a more aggressive tune after the engine has a few thousand miles on it.


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              Joe - at what rpm do you shift when drag racing?
              In my mile sprints, I found the 1190 motor hit peak torque at 10.4-10.6krpm..redline at 11.5.. I shift right after peak.

              Looks like your peak torque is around 6k(d'oh chart says 6.06)