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Starting issues, injectors not spraying

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  • Starting issues, injectors not spraying

    having some weird starting issues with my X1. The injectors dont spray all the time. The bike will turn over and not spray. release and press the start button again and the bike turns over a little faster... this time injectors spray fine... let off the button, hi it again... but starts kind of slow again and no fuel spray. fuel pressure is 50psi. Battery is brand new and fully charged. Im thinking there is maybe something going in the starter or starter solenoid and causing an large draw where the injectors / computer are loosing power? Going to start with cleaning all the grounds but figured id ask if anyone has had an issue like this.

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    Check the relays


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      I would be worried that your ECM is going bad. I had a bad race ECM show those kind of symptoms on my 2000 X1.
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        I will look into the relays. Its doing this with my original ECM and a brand new ECM


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          think i got it figured out.... replaced the timing sensor and its now pumping fuel again! Cant start it cause it apart but seems to be doing what its supposed to !