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XB90R build (90" Firebolt project)

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  • XB90R build (90" Firebolt project)

    I've been building this Firebolt for a while, for a friend. I've been meaning to make a build log but with the new baby and relocating my Dad, just no time. So consider this the build log of sorts. Still not done, but getting closer. A few embed photos, running vid, and a link to my Imgur album will have to work for now.

    When I first got it, right after the original kickstand broke in my driveway

    What it looks like now so far

    the ugly XB12 header is just installed for dyno tuning since it has 2 extra bungs. I'll install the ceramic header once the bike is tuned.

    album link

    Here's a list of the mods involved

    -Bored cases
    -08 XB12 crank pro plugged and balanced by Darkhorse
    -07 oil pump
    -bronze manganese oil pump drive gear
    -NRHS CAT4 .590 lift cams modified for XB use
    -S&S lifters and cylinder studs
    -DK Rocker Lockers (bronze inserts to quiet rocker arm shafts)
    -Axtell/NRHS 90" kit with 15* reverse dome pistons
    -Smith Bros chromoly pushrods
    -883 head cores with 4 new valve seats, porting and other mods by me
    -AV&V 1.980" intake, 1.610" exhaust 7mm stem valves, AV&V manganese guides, S&S 650 beehive springs
    -XB12 manifold ported and modified by me
    -60 lb/hr injectors
    -08 XB12 primary gearing
    -Energy One clutch pack with Barnett +25% diaphragm spring
    -easy clutch leverage extender
    -XB12 header and Buell Race Muffler ceramic coated, header interior flow coated
    -57 psi fuel regulator, new filter and screen
    -1125R forks and trees, top tree modded for risers
    -Rox offset risers with Renthal FatBar
    -Strada 7 billet levers with carbon fiber inserts
    -Strada 7 bar ends
    -Lighting clutch cable
    -Ulysses throttle cables
    -ZTL2 front brake caliper and MC
    -billet hidden rear caliper bracket with Brembo P32 2 piston caliper
    -Spiegler front and rear brake lines, orange with blue fittings
    -powdercoated wheels, dark red-orange (to match the decals) with metal flake
    -04 pulleys powdercoated and CNC cut by Free Spirits
    -Falcon SPC drive belt
    -Free Spirits pulley cover
    -Free Spirits belt tensioner
    -Braking front and rear rotors
    -2010 LED taillight
    -Ballistic 12 cell Lithium battery
    -American Sport Bike left and right carbon fiber air scoops
    -Knight design drop pegs
    -billet timing cover
    -polished clutch and chain inspection covers
    -gloss black powdercoated primary cover

    I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, and there's still more to come.

    Timing and fueling still need a lot of work, but I did get it running for some heat cycles.

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    Wow, what an awesome bike you're building. Thumbs up!


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      Thanks bud! I'm waiting on a few more parts, but looking forward to completing it and moving on to the next build. After this bike, I'm building an S1 with XB motor work and custom finishing, and then a 131" FXR with Ohlins suspension, for this client.


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        Holy Crap. What a beast.


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          Nice buell, I have an XB9S 2006. Not as built as yours but just did the 10.5/1 pistons and stage 2 light head work from NHRS. It is going together now. I like that you put standard bars on it, it will be a lot more comfortable. Me and buddy do a 3 day ride each year and put 300 - 400 miles on the bikes each day. I am 53 and could easily do a few hundred more.